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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My feelings about New York on this important weekend

New York is like home to me. From the moment I walked out of the Amtrak, up the escalator, in the middle of what seemed a hundred other people on that thing all excited to be home, too, I loved the place. When you ride up into Penn Station, life begins. An energy grabs you like no other, and you are filled with anxiety and excitement and happiness all at once - anxiety for me being that I hope I can find the right exit to get out into the street. Yeah, I know, I worry about senseless things, believe me, I know. :D

Today, I'm feeling the deep sadness about 9/11. I haven't lived in NY, but like all of us who have gone and made it home in our hearts, we feel the pain, too.

Can't wait to go back soon, and nothing gives me more joy than planning my next trip there. For my beloveds that I try to drag there every few months, they cringe. :D

I'm sure they'll be glad when I finally get an apt there to seasonally just stay in. (crosses fingers, come on published novel! lol!)

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  1. btw, the photos I give of NY are MY photos. I have so many. so I have to write a lot about NY to use them all.