Quote of the Day

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twittering is networking. Really.

Yes, I'm going to do this Twitter thing. I'm kind of shy. Okay, pretty shy.

Alright. VERY shy. This blog is a chance for me to lose some of the shy and say some things to the world. I might even do videos like my good friend (and newly almost published author!!) Megan does. I mean, don't wait for it. I might hide behide my book and mumble if I have to do a book signing one day. Um, do authors really have to do book signings?

Back to topic. My foray into the networking is going to include Twitter. And who do you think of when you think of Twitter? Yep. :) Ashton Kutcher. King of Twitting. I mean tweeting. So, I am following him now. And Demi, too. I read a post on Twitter (a TWEET. I have to get the lingo right) that Twitter now had a program you could pay for to NOT see Ashton's tweets. HA! Is that them looking at my new tweets?? (Yes, I'm sure of it.)

Well, most people I talk to get bored of tweeting and telling how they're walking to get a coffee or they're reading a book (leave them the &*%F$ alone) or they're going to take a (edited for content). We'll see how this goes. I'm not good about follow up.

This, in fact, may be my last post. Or tweet.

:D Hang in there with me. And when I'm published, you can say you knew me when. And pull up all this stuff and embarrass me further at book signings. Sigh.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What to write, what to write...

I'm inspired again. :) I have a couple of stories in my mind. One is practically autobiographical. Um...

Moving on to young adult, which is where it's AT lately, I have a great idea. It's two girls and two boys who open a detective agency. What?

No, it's really not like Scooby. It's totally different. They don't have a dog. Wait, crap...they DO actually have a dog. Well, it's not their dog. Sigh.

John Grisham just wrote a new (soon to be best-selling) detective novel for kids. I think it's the time to throw all our like-novels into the shark pool. Think of all the interest vampires have gotten since the Twilight phenom. And wizards, thanks to good ol' Harry Potter.

I'm excited. I'm writing fast and getting this little story out there. I started it two years ago. If only I would FINISH something, for nut's sake.

If I hurry, maybe I can jump on the little bandwagon with my detective story, before Grisham corners THAT market, too! >:(