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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to not write ten novels at once. No, you tell ME how not to. >:(

In one of my novels, the one which is probably the very best and of which I can't seem to get to, for lots of reasons but mostly because I know it's the one that will become sort of autobiographical and will most likely nearly kill me (emotionally) to write, the main character ponders if she has become bi-polar. With her ever-increasing emotional ups and downs, days she feels great about everything, nothing can get her down, to the next day when she is feels like she's in the middle of the ocean floating and no one even knows her name, she doesn't know if it's just what she's going thru, or if maybe one CAN become bi-polar and if so, how can one get back to the normal shore???

When an idea comes to me for a novel, I RUN with it. I start it full blast. I write a good 3,000 words or maybe sometimes over 7,000 words. And then...

I FREEZE! >:( I read how some authors do this, so I don't feel SO stupid, but still. I need to finish something. I think it's out of fear that the ending won't meet up to my expectations from the thrill of how it began in my mind. Now, if any of the 'greats' had felt that way, we wouldn't have had the novels we adore. No matter what, we have to FINISH the damn novel!!

So, I'm putting everything on the back burner except one. The one that will hurt to write in ways, but that will be very, very good.

Flicker. The one I posted the first chapter to awhile back here. I'm going to finish it and edit it and send it out to agents. It's what we do, and those who succeed do it until they have made it. I want that book to succeed. So, NOTHING else until I finish it.

Thank you for helping me decide this. :D I'm going to write now. You go do that thing YOU do, and do it with all your heart. :)

>:( I mean now. Go, now!



  1. It can be difficult when the story suddenly stops like that. I tend to have an idea of the outcome and I will sketch a timeline from the start that I have written to the supposed ending. There is a lot of blank space between, I then try to fill it in. Another technique I use is to base my story on a real event, that way I know the ending, I know what happens when and then its simply a matter of writing it. Though it is never as easy as I am making it sound today! Another technique is jsut to write the scenes you can, and like making a quilt stitch them together later. Good luck.

  2. Tracy, a sort of autobiographical book by you would make a great novel because you seem to shine from within, a gift that not everyone is blessed with. Don't be discouraged. You'll get there, and it will be worth it.

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