Quote of the Day

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Friday, April 15, 2011


What inspires you?

What is it that makes you feel peaceful and happy and absolutely sure that the dream you have will come to pass? I know mostly, we all live in reality and don't think the things we want to happen actually WILL happen. But I'm not talking about those moments. I'm talking about the times when you catch that perfect sunset, and for an endless few moments, all is incredibly, perfectly okay. When you are a writer, and you send out queries, and you get endless rejection, only for that one day to come when you grudgingly look at the email you know says 'thanks but no thanks', and it's the one that says, send me the whole thing. Or the next one, when they say, this is really good, may I represent you?

I haven't received that last mail yet. But today, I'm dreaming. I feel sure that day is coming. It's equal to the work I put in to the result I get. How much do I want my books to be held and read and loved.

I want this completely. So, despite my sometimes doubt, I know this is going to happen for me. I'm going to write the stories from my heart, and give what I can give to the world. I'm not a great poet. I'm not a great photographer. I'm not even a great writer like some, but I'm going to write what is on my heart, the way I speak it which is the voice of my novels, and give that out to the world. Every single thing we send out that's positive doesn't go unnoticed or void. One picture of a sunset can change your whole day. One shared poem can bring happiness for no known reason. Don't ever underestimate what you can do for someone by sharing who you are. Be brave. You're going to change someone's day today. :)

So, hmmm...a picture that I took that really inspires me?

This one from a pier in NYC. A lot of things became very clear to me at this place, on a quiet summer night, and though it's just one snapshot amid many others that inspire me, this one makes me feel such emotion. I never wanted the night to end. I grabbed and pulled and felt war in my spirit as I stood there, my last night in NYC, not wanting to leave that special place. Somehow, my spirit knew that when I did, things would be different, and oh, how I was right. I'm in a very different place now, but somehow, being there, at that pier, was pivotal in making me who I am this moment. I think back on a crazy past five years of my life, full of the greatest sorrow I've ever endured, yet finding the deepest sources of love I have ever known. How lucky can one girl possibly be.

She dreams, and God himself smiles down. That is everything.