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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Friday, March 25, 2011

Out of ABNA, but never out of the writing :)

Well, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest is done. I didn't move up. I know, it sucks. :) But also, it's okay.

At this point, I deleted my other post. Because we're moving on. Because there are better feelings about things, and hopefully improvements will be made for next year.

BEST of luck to those moving forward! :) I'm going to keep writing, keep querying, and I'm going to make it, too. Alongside my bestest friends, who ROX. We're writing about dogs and teens in trouble and ghosts and vampires and...trolls? :) They might be the next big thing. Trolls with big waxy lips. Hey, stranger things have happened.


I think we all need a vacation. Something beachy?


  1. Keep working at it, Tracy, you'll make it!

    But, um, you might want to rethink the trolls. Although I do remember at the start of ABNA this winter when one contestant's pitch was a book about leprechauns...

  2. Ha! I was referring to the trolls in Gae Polisner's upcoming book, The Pull of Gravity, and thought wouldn't it be hilarious if Trolls became the next big thing. :D

    I guess stranger things have happened, right? Who'd have thought Vampires and Wizards could have such an impact on YA to become a new phenom and be the bar we all have to reach now, pretty much. It's great, and scary, too. :D

    So, trolls? Hmmm...


  3. You WILL make it Tracy! Just keep working at it! You have exactly the right attitude. I think a troll story along the lines of what happened with Shrek (though I get that ogres are distinct in some way that isn't clear to me) would fly... And Gae made trolls work... Though I heard sea monsters were the next trend...

  4. Last year I got knocked out of the first round of the ABNA contest, and felt bad. However the future is of publishing is Kindle and E-books, and the stogy old gatekeepers that bar new authors, are falling.

    Keep writing.