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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Friday, January 21, 2011

Authors are...SEXY!!

I think so, anyway. I'm biased, of course. But since it's Friday, and I'm feeling in a crazy mood, I wanted to say that my friends who are authors are, yes, sexy. We are the BEST. We create worlds to live in and then invite others to share these worlds with us. And it's obvious: People want to escape into our worlds.

Who'd want to walk beside an eleven year old boy for SEVEN YEARS as he discovers he is a wizard?


Who'd want to live in a little town chock full of vampires and werewolves. Not only live there, but fall in love with one of each, then have to decide which one to love before we and the members of our family are killed for it?

Um, WE do.

Who wants to see the way other people handle situations that we have never/probably WILL never be in for our entire lives sort their mess out and teach us a lesson about life all the while?!

We ALL do.

And, from the looks of my best friends who are in the business of creating these places to go and such wonderful people to love, we are the most awesomely hot, devastatingly intelligent creatures to roam the earth. :) The pen is mightier than the sword. We hold the pens. We create the universes. Hear us ROAR!!

And look sexy while we do it. ;)


  1. Thank you. You're pretty sexy yourself. :)

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  3. Thank you, SEXY Megan Bostic, whose book Never Eighteen comes out January, 2012. :D

  4. YES! I love it, Tracy! Very empowering! I'm ready to get Naked! (then, I'm pretty much always ready for that... though I DID need some help today as it is 8 degrees--high of 15 expected)

    If anyone has any doubts, just think of how hot Marilyn Monroe was for Arther Miller.

  5. Rawr!! Go Authors! Hey Tracy, I followed you over from "The Manse" on Amazon.

    @Hart... where you gonna be later (*winks*)

  6. Hey Christopher! GREAT to meet you! HAHA, the manse, huh? That's really cool! You realize, I'm one of the founders of that manse, btw. In fact, I named it the manse. :D and the shag? my idea. haha! oh, and the portrait of J (Jeff Fielder?) yep. Along with Gae (bite me) and Megan (what am I, chopped liver?)and Vicki(capt'n always cold) and John (Sante Fe sunrises) and Mary (SMCAOMK) and Shai and Kat and Liz and...wow, too many to list! Lots of the first year peepas and peepos. We made lifelong friends in that manse. I'm glad you followed me from there to here! :)

    I'm sure you're entered there so GOOD LUCK! :)