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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do they want to READ?!!!

Today, I'm feeling inspired. After reading an excerpt from my good friend Megan Bostic's WIP (work in progress), Taking Zoey, on her blog, The Angsty Writer (check it out if you haven't, she ROX), I feel called to work on a story I started a couple of years back.

It's a young adult, sort of a modern day Nancy Drew I suppose, but as always, I FLEW through the first few chapters with elation. NO problem. And then...

I seem to have a problem with the story as it gets into deeper details. I think it's because I don't plan the story out first. I know the beginning, usually know the ending, but how to get from point A to Z after point D seems overwhelming.

I think it's that I begin to doubt myself, and the story. Will this interest ANYONE but me? As writers, we have to tell the story in our heart, NOT the story we think they want to hear. It's impossible to 'gauge the market', as Stephen King says (I quote him alot, get used to it. There is no way to know what people want to read. We can study great books, we can think we know what it's all about and what's going to sell.

But I don't think J.K.Rowling had even the faintest inkling about how a little story that popped into her head during a four hour train ride would change the writing world and get kids reading again. She couldn't know how she wouldn't be a struggling mother just trying to get enough money from a little book to put food on the table for her kids much longer. She wrote the book in a coffee house in Edinburgh due to having no heat, for nut's sake! A boy wizard. Done already. But one well-written story and now she's a literary icon.

I don't think Stephanie Meyer realized how her little sexy vampire and werewolf story would take off and give something incredible to tweens and teens all over the entire WORLD. I'm very sure she read her own work over and over while it was a wip, thinking to herself how NO one in their right mind would want to read this drivel. We all do it. Never known one single author who didn't feel they were walking a tightrope almost every time they sat down to write another chapter.

Not one worth anything anyway. :)

So, feeling inspired today, I'm going to keep working hard. I'm going to not worry about what they want to read and write what's in my heart. And I truly believe I'm going to make it somehow. Just like my fellow brothers and sisters in this crazy thing we've gotten ourselves into because we have a passion for it. We are authors. Hear us roar. At least buy our books and READ US!


  1. Hey--I've immersed myself in mystery this year, so if you want to talk about that angle of it, give a shout. I get that you don't 'plan' but there are pieces of it you HAVE TO. My first mystery I story boarded and it was actually very cool, but at the very least you need to have all your suspects, each of their (potential) motivation, and the clues that will make your MC look at them. Great to get inspired! I hope it works out well!

  2. The more I write, the more I agree, Hart. I'm almost wanting to start from the END and work my way back so I'll know where I'm going. The start is always the easy part! :)

    The story board thing sounds like a good idea too!

  3. Depending on the story I'm working on, I might get to the point where I start wondering why I'm writing it and if I'll ever sell it. The doubt usually pass though and I remind myself that if I don't believe in what I'm writing, nobody else will.

  4. How I've gone through moments like these. To make me feel better, I usually read a part of my novel that I think I did well and that gives me the strength to go on.

  5. I've decided (as of last night) that I need to plan a little bit better. Otherwise I'll continue to write around the plot and never get to the point. Right now I'm going through with the strike through key and getting rid of all the details I've included simply because I either don't know or am "scared" of really getting to the point. I know I don't get me either. I'm a work in progress just like my manuscript! Great post! Christy

  6. good luck with your story! :)
    and i think the same thing! i love writing and i have this perfect plot for a story, but there's just something that freaks me out about writing it...and i just can't. it's actually kinda frustrating! :(
    oh well, some days after reading other poetry and other books, i get inspiration that prompts me to write :)


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