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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Empire State of Mind

There's an old New York joke about Shakespeare in the Park; Central Park, that is. Hamlet is being performed. During the death scene, the entire audience leaves. They didn't want to get involved.

This is from an article I read on aol news today. It talked about how New Yorkers have the reputation of being hard, not wanting to get involved, and yet under that crusty exterior beats hearts of caring, shiny gold for their world and fellow street neighbors, no matter if they're from Brooklyn or Kansas.

The last line told of how, after 9/11, President Bush told American to go to Disneyworld, take the kids and enjoy life the way Americans should. The writer told how THAT was the spirit of NY. Stand up, shake off the bad stuff and move on with today.

I could write twenty novels about the things I love of New York. It's home to me, more so than the little Virginia town I live in, and I think lots of people feel that. From the moment I get off the Amtrak and ride the escalator up into Penn Station, I feel like I'm reborn. Every single time.

I will never forget a little older lady I encountered in Little Italy. She was keeping the gift shop on a little street (probably around the corner from Lombardi's, my favorite restaurant on this earth, no matter where else I eat in my life) and she seemed so sad. My friend and I walked in, the sole shoppers that quiet night, and within a few moments she brightened up like sunshine and I knew we had brought a true ray of joy to her soul, for whatever reason. Maybe just our kindness. She even gave us a free disposable camera, telling us in her Italian tongue with American words that we should enjoy this last day and take pictures of everything! To be given a free something in New York, in a gift shop? That's amazing enough. :D But her spirit rose that night. To me, that is the spirit of New York. I always get misty thinking of her.

Okay, this was off the writing subject, but after the attempted destruction of a part of my, our, beloved Times Square this past week? I wanted to give my beloved NY a hug. My body's here, but a huge part of my heart is and always will be there.

I might just write some novels about this. New York has a million stories, and mine is now one of those. My cup runneth over. :)


  1. A gorgeous post, Tracy. You made me feel lucky to be a New Yorker.

  2. I love this Tracy. I love NY also and the people within it. I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often.

  3. :) thanks Gae! <3 and, Megan, I know! You need to come back and we need to stay in the city, and make Gae stay with us. A whole weekend of fun. Can you imagine how wonderful!?

    <3<3 :)

  4. Hi Tracey. Followed Megan's link to you. Are you an old ABNAer? I spent a couple of fun months on the forums and feel like you were there too?? I haven't gone back much since being cut -- I've become way too immersed in this whole blog world!

    Love your blog! Love NYC! It truly is one of those magical cities.


  5. Thanks for this wonderful blog. I really should appreciate living in New York more. After 9/11 I went to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas show to show my love with fellow New Yorkers.
    Mike Sullivan

  6. BTW, I'm not sure NYC could handle the three of you together for a weekend Tracy. ;)

  7. yes, WAY past time. :) thanks for reminding, J. :D

    I love NY, it's home to me and I absolutely plan to have an apt (closet sized is FINE!) to be able to live here year round.

    Deb and Barbara, yep! I'm from ABNA first year, still entering the contests! This year I made it past the first cut, YAY me. hehe. Hopefully next year I'll make it up further, but I'm actively writing novels and querying agents. :) Thank you SO much for checking me out here. I loves my Megan, and good on her for the book coming out next year! :)

    Me next. Me next. :D