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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Monday, May 31, 2010


I read an article today about remembering our soldiers, those who have died protecting us in war, and I might have just moved on except for a picture that touched me to my core.

Mary McHugh lay across the grave of her fallen fiance, James Regan, and wept, talked, gestured with her hands, wept some more. James went to Duke University. He had lots of opportunities to do anything he wanted. He felt he needed to do this. "If he didn't, then who would?"

Arlington National Cemetery, and thousands across our United States, are filled with men and women who protected us and died doing it. This one picture hit me hard today. We've all loved and lost. We're truly in this together. And the men and women who are honestly brave enough to go 'over there' and face the enemy for us, knowing full well every day it could be the last, and whose only joy each day is remembering those back home that they love and hope to come back to.

It sobered me up today about our freedoms. And how every one of those guys wanted to come home again to set their feet on the grass they know and love, to spend summers at the beach with their girls and kids and families. We get to to that today. Let's send up a little thank you to them. Love never dies, nor fades, and it's powerful enough to change anything. Thank you for the love, guys.


  1. I remember this photo too, and was moved by it. As I said in my own blog, I'm not a very political minded person, but I understand the sacrifices that have been made in our country's name.

    Good post, Tracy. Keep it up.