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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday!

In the spirit of not being too authorly all the time...er...I wanted to incorporate some of my other loves into my blog. So I will do a Fashion Friday and put my latest finds and favorites here. 

I love clothes and finding bargains, like little places that no one else knows of (except the million or so others who have found it way before me - but hey jack, have they blogged about it on their writing web site? I think not).

So for my debut Fashion Friday post, I have found...drum roll please...


They have awesome  clothes and, my weakness, shoes, they sell by color which I find endearing, and it's priced for all with some things $24 and some things like $124. It's an eclectic mix of old fashion meets new and bright designers and it's simply fun. And the shoes have great names like: 
This is Strawberry Heels Forever (gotta love it!) and:

BeWEAVE what you see. HA! 

Okay, so this is my find of the day. I'll get better with the presentation, meanwhile go check this out. I'll keep finding great new places so your stuff isn't like her stuff. 

Oh, and I will keep up the writing too. :) 

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