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Monday, April 29, 2013

Back to writing. And, a really cute dog commercial...

My novel, the young adult one, needs a major overhaul. My heart is with kids being bullied and I know I'm incorporating that into the novel more. Paper Tigers has been in my heart for too many years, loved by those who have been GRACIOUS enough to read it and give me feedback. But...it's lacking something. I think it's the heart gripping anti-bully message I need to mold the story around.

Normally I don't share what I'm going to write about, I just don't. But I know it's time to make a stand on this terrible thing that infects schools and kid' hearts and destroys lives of young amazing beautiful kids. Books are a powerful medium in which to get a message across. If my fellow young adult authors and I can churn out novels that make this message clear, lives could be changed if only that one child would know they are not alone, and they will make it.

That's my goal for this novel now anyway and I pray God will guide every word to reach at least one great kid.

The dog commercial? It reminds me of sweet Bo (except, Bo is a Fox Hound, otherwise, they're exactly alike. er...), my son's dog, who has the gentlest spirit of any dog I've ever met. Bo should be in this commercial. But since he's not, this dog is awesome too. :)

LOVE does rox.

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