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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Okay, so WTF?

:) Yep. I mean, nope. I didn't make it to the next level at ABNA. A few of our friends did (yay for Jacob, Jonathan, Jarucia, Robert, and Liz, to name a few!) and a lot of us didn't, but the good thing is we're fine with it - ahem, we're FINE, crying is HEALTHY. Er...:)

In a way, I was glad of not making it further. Paper Tigers has a lot of work left to be done. Yep, it's a finished novel! I've done that twice now, two whole finished books, and I'm so proud, but I know PT isn't the novel I want it to be. Maybe I'll even change the whole direction the novel is going (instead of the mom going into the tunnel with the kids, how about hateful old Alison? Guffaw, wouldn't Rigby LOVE that. Just thinking aloud here...), and I need to scrap my passive voice and get more action in there faster; just things that take time. Revisions. Every author goes through it. BO-RING. But necessary.

So, I was all ready to tackle the thing starting the next day. To rip it apart and start the big revisions. And guess what was in my mailbox?

A request from an agent for a synopsis (a WHAT?! I've never done a synopsis! I avoided agents that WANTED a synopsis! Help!) and a request for more of the story. Incredible timing? Well, yes, I'm excited of course (!!!), but I'm not too surprised anymore about the timing of things. And I know there is no such thing as mere coincidence. As a Christian, I know God's on the case, 24/7.

Even if this agent isn't interested, I've still won. This is the second time, based on the first three chapters, that I've been asked for more. And now I have to put down the whole novel in synopsis form which will only help me focus on what I need to do to make it better. I should have done it as soon as chapter one was finished, for nut's sake. ;)

Okay, so it's back to the synopsis today. And, back to the fish bowl full of lots of other little fish all swimming and working hard and dreaming for their break to come and that agent to say yes. So as it is with life, too. When a door closes? Well, it's usually another door, but then sometimes a window that opens, though I'd prefer it be a bigger, nicer door. Er...:)

I'm in great company back in that little bowl. It's home. :) And btw? WTF? That is, Where's The FOOD? I needs me some chocolate (MEGAN!) to make it through this synopsis thing. ;)


  1. WTF? Where's THE FOOD. I LOVE that. :)

    good luck synopsising.

    and revisions aren't boring, they're the thing that make your story truly come alive! ;)

  2. see? we busy ourselves with making pointless decisions about what's important and in the process, forget that there are so many definitions of "success." it's about DOING THE WORK,. if we just keep creating the right conditions, the rest will take care of itself.....good for you Tracy! good luck with the synopsis........

  3. Will send chocolates post haste. :)

  4. :D Thanks guys! <3<3<3 Nothing like some crunchy Seattle Almond Roche. Er, Rocha? um, I didn't look at the box before I devoured it. :D

    And you're exactly right about the revisions. They are what bring that story to life. :) I've learned from all of you to just focus on the work, query like mad, and at the right point, something unexpected and wonderful will happen. :)

    Hence is life, too. ;)