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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Critique Groups :)

I've joined a critic group here. I think this is going to be very helpful. It's a small group (7 so far) which gives us the personal attention and the time to give each excerpt careful consideration and thought.I've never been in on a critique group before. I met a few people on Agentquery.com after entering the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest the first time, who looked at my entry (then called The Good Fan). That book was/is a sprawling Romance novel. But I love that book. My heart actually gets butterflies when I think of returning to it. Each time I look at a chapter, I feel excited. My life changed because of that book.

My point is that the few that looked at that mansion of a novel (men, too) actually 1) got through it and 2) LIKED it. I was surprised! They gave it, my very first attempt at a novel, the thumbs up and also took the time to give me excellent advice, which I saved on my AOL mail.My only worry is that I'm not 'nice' enough. Oh, I'm a sweet person, sure. :) But when commenting, I find the good first, then slam with what I don't like. I try to end with the good again, but I don't like to be coddled and I don't coddle to well (er, where writing is concerned, that is ;). Wait, that's cuddling. I do cuddle well. Not coddle.

oookay. Wrapping this up? I'm really enjoying the group. If they don't kick me out before I post mine, I think this will simply rox.


  1. It does rox. It rox good. :)

  2. I hope everything works out great for you with the group, Tracy! Small is better. I was in an online group once with way too many members. I spent all my time reading and critiquing their manuscripts instead of writing!

  3. Thanks guys! :D I think the small size will make it work well. And we have a good group; all excellent writers who can be tactful yet very honest. It's a great moment when two or more see the same "troubles" with something and the writer can fix it.

    Thanks for joining Scotti! I'll try to keep things interesting :)

  4. Writers don't need coddling. Cuddling, yes, for sure.

  5. Glad you've found a group, and YES--anyone who has gotten far enough as to join a critique group wants honest feedback, not coddling...