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"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." Stephen King

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't make me hurt you. Just type.

I'm here with my musings. Okay, I'm a day late. :) I'm getting better.

I've been reading Bird by Bird. GREAT book. They say that when you ask someone if they've read it, they answer you with a smile. I GET that now. It's really a must for writers. It's a little bit akin to Stephen King's 'On Writing' only in the sense that it is bare-bones, no mucking around. She tells you the truth as she sees it based on her experiences. She's real, doesn't care if you like what she has to say, she's saying it. We all love that, admit it or not. That's why people are entranced by Snookie. :D NOTHING replaces honesty, no matter how it comes to you. Not in love, not in friendship, and not in a book.

I've got another young adult novel SCREAMING at me to be written. I've put it off for days, telling it that really...I need to edit the young adult that's in ABNA first, and I need to work on the women's fiction novel I posted the excerpt of in my last post. I HATE giving people a taste then not hurriedly following through. BUT...as writers, there is one thing we know: When a new novel starts speaking, no matter the timing, you best start writing. This one is REALLY pushy. Almost fighting me, and mad each day I put her off. Yep, she's a her and I know her name and what she looks like and her attitude (oy vey, her attitude!) So...

Wish me luck. I'm diving into the ya today. I have no fear at this point, which is rare. Usually I get so nervous that I'm going to screw it up, I feel frozen. This time, the story...more like the loud voice...is pushing against me, looking at me hard and pointing to the screen to get going.

I'm going to get going.

I'll post excerpts of this new one from time to time. :) And I'll be working on the other one that you read from below. I've got people that already love it and want to read it!

Can I put that in my query letter to agents? ;)


  1. teehee--Man, I wish the love of crit partners swayed an agent... Good luck with the new one! I think editing takes a certain frame of mind, definitely. You WILL need to get to it all, but if now is not the time, now is not the time... April is NaNoEdMo, you know...

  2. I had a major edit-fest lately, so I know whereof you speak. But Bird by Bird is still and always one of Deb and my best go-tos. Just even that: bird by bird. So perfect and simple.
    Good luck on ABNA (see you there)
    The Middle Ages

  3. Happy writing and good luck in ABNA. I also had a story that was/ is really PUSHY about getting written. I finally gave in. What can I say, we're in love, my WIP and I. There is no love like the love of a new WIP. ;-)